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Month: April 2022

[Tutorial] Flow 2.7 – Installation & Getting Started

Many people are asking me how to install the latest Flow version. In this short tutorial, I’ll show you that installation and configuration of this addon is not that difficult. I’ll also provide you some tips, that may help you…

[Tutorial] Blender – Unit Systems for beginners & How to use them

Yes, you can use real world units in Blender. And I feel ashamed, but when I was a Blender beginner, I didn’t know this for years! When I started working with architecture, and discovered the unit systems, that was a…

[Tutorial] Flow – Batch Add Objects & Materials

This operation is available since Flow version 2.70. If you’re using older version, get the latest files. In this very short tutorial, I’ll show you how to use Flow latest feature properly – Batch Add Objects and Batch Add Materials….

[Tutorial] Flow – Adding & Using Asset Properties

Introduction to Flow Properties The unique feature of Flow addon is the possibility of adding easy custom properties for the objects, so the various assets elements may be modified without the need of digging in the shader editor or making…

[Tutorial] Flow – Geometry Nodes Manager

The very new Geometry Nodes Manager has been introduced in Flow 2.70. In this short tutorial I’ll show you how to save your Geometry Nodes modifiers, making them reusable in any other project, how to load them properly into other…

Flow 2.70 – New Features

To improve the Blender workflow and make the Flow Asset Tool better and better, a lots of amazing changes have been introduced in the latest update of our Flow Asset Manager! Discover them below and keep watching for the posts…

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