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Flow 2.70 – New Features

To improve the Blender workflow and make the Flow Asset Tool better and better, a lots of amazing changes have been introduced in the latest update of our Flow Asset Manager! Discover them below and keep watching for the posts how to use them to get the best results!

  • Geometry Nodes Manager – you can now save your geometry node presets into the Flow Library or load your pre-saved settings directly into your meshes. BONUS! We;ve developed some simple grass settings, that are ready-to-use! Check our tutorial on how to use it!
  • Batch Add Models & Materials to the Library – this feature was awaited by many users. You can now switch between adding selected object as the single asset collection and adding each object as the separate asset. The same about the materials! You can now save the selected materials from all the selected objects at once! Check our tutorial on how to use it!
  • Property Node Groups – Objects custom properties as material properties were pretty problematic, when user tried to add several editable objects with one driven material. To improve the user’s experience when using asset properties, we’ve developed an option to create the special node group with the ‘FLOW_’ prefix, of which inputs are shown in the Properties tab in the Flow panel. So there will be no issues, when adding material properties to many editable objects. Check our tutorial on how to use it!
  • Previous / Next HDRi – this simple feature allows to load next or previous HDRi texture from the library, so you can quickly and easily select the best HDRi that suits your needs
  • Remove duplicated materials when loading assets – The plugin gets rid of the annoying material duplications, when loading various assets using the same materials. All the ‘Material.001’, ‘Material.002’, ‘Material.003’ can now be removed on asset load, unless they are using any properties.
  • Minor UI changes and several bugfixes that make the newest version is FULLY compatible with Blender 3.1


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