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[Tutorial] Flow – Geometry Nodes Manager

The very new Geometry Nodes Manager has been introduced in Flow 2.70. In this short tutorial I’ll show you how to save your Geometry Nodes modifiers, making them reusable in any other project, how to load them properly into other objects, and also how to save & load any geometry node groups within the nodes editor in Blender.

Saving the Geometry Nodes modifiers

To be able to save geometry nodes, you must first have them already created on your active object. When there is a setup that can be saved, you can click Save Geometry Nodes button.

The window with category / name selection should appear. Select the destination category (or create the new one), change the preset name if you wish and click OK to save your preset.

Using Render Result as the icon

Unfortunately, due to the limitations, it is currently impossible to load custom preview image, but you can use your last Render Result as the preview icon for the saved preset. So before saving the preset you should set your camera, and simply render the image, there is no need to save it – plugin will get it from the Blender’s cache. If no image is created, the default Flow preset icon will be used – you can always replace it later in your filebrowser

Loading the Geometry Nodes preset from the library

You can later use any of your pre-saved geometry nodes presets. You can load the preset in 3 ways:

  • From the SHIFT+A menu
  • From the Flow N-Panel
  • From the CTRL+SHIFT+X main Flow Menu

And it is as simple as adding any other asset from the library. Simply select the category and the desired preset, click OK, and the current preset will be added to your object as the Modifier Geometry Node Group. You can always edit this group inside the Geometry Nodes editor

Managing the Geometry Nodes groups inside the nodes editor

Besides saving and loading Geometry Nodes presets, you are able to manage the internal geometry node groups inside the nodes editor. This one is similiar to managing regular shader node groups in the shader editor.

Saving the groups

When you have any groups inside your ‘master’ node group, you are able to save them to the Flow library. It is possible in the Flow N-Panel in the Geometry Nodes editor.

When the node group is selected and active, click ‘Save Selected Group’ button in the panel. In the popup window, select or create the new category, type the new name or leave the existing one and click OK to save the group.

Loading the groups

When you have any node groups saved, you can load them from your library straight into the editor. You can run the popup window from the Flow N-panel or from the SHIFT+A menu. Simply select the category, and the node group and click OK. The loaded group will show directly in the Nodes Editor. Simply set it’s position and finish the operation with the left mouse click.



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