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Surface Painter for Blender 3.0 is OUT NOW

We are proud to announce, that we’ve just released the first version of our latest addon – Surface Painter. This simple tool has been created to save a lots of time on creating the basic materials and coloring them with no effort. With various paint modes you are able to create & append new materials to the specific areas just with the few mouse clicks, without the need of creating each new material, naming it, selecting the color.

And there is more! Surface Painter introduces it’s own color palettes system, that allows you to color both the addons surfaces, and also regular color inputs in the shader editor. You can also add colors to global and local favorites, making them reusable in any further projects.

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Painting objects with basic surfaces easier than ever!

Workflow for adding new materials has been extremely simplified with Surface Painter. All you need to do is just to select the surface type, out of 21 surfaces, then select the color – it may be the one from palette, favorites or just the custom color. And you’re ready to start painting on the selected area. To do that, you just press CTRL+LMB over the destination area and that’s all. The material with the selected surface and color is generated by the addon and appended to the area of your choose.

You can paint on single faces, set of faces limited by edges with the specific angle, areas limited by faces with linked material or the whole material slot. You can also paint on the whole object. It is all up to you and your needs. Check out the short demo below to see how easy it is.

Painting models is now easier then ever with Surface Painter

Improved workflow with colors

Was that not annoying for you to copy hex code each time, when you wanted to use the same color in another material? This is no longer a problem, as you can save your custom colors with Surface Painter as local or global favorites. Then you can use them while painting surfaces or just add them directly to color inputs in your nodes in shader editor. Of course it is also possible to save the colors from the node inputs.

Color Palettes added in Node Panel show all color inputs for currently selected node
You can replace the current color with one from the palette or favorites

Comfortable Workflow in Object & Edit Mode

Surface Painter comes as panel, but also as comfortable tool, that is located in the Toolbar. When enabled, you can work with your scene as normal, with the possibility to paint the model whenever you need, by pressing CTRL+LMB.

Surface Painter – Workspace tool

When using the panel, you can also access the additional possibility, that is tweaking the material settings without the need of entering the shader editor. This is because each surface comes as the node group setting, that is appended directly into your freshly created material. And all of node inputs can be tweaked from the panel-level.

Future plans

We are planning to grow this project and add another amazing features, to make the workflow even easier! We will be also happy to hear your feedback, that is the great motivation for us to make our plugins just better and better!


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